Chapter History



Brothers Acie Hatchett and James Brooks met at the Alpha Grill in Waco and came up with the idea of establishing a Graduate Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. in Waco, Texas.  These men initially met during the Christmas Holidays in the home of Bro. Acie Hatchett during the year of 1948.  They followed up with this idea by calling a number of men they thought would be interested in such an establishment. However, nothing happened until the summer of 1951 when the first meeting was held in June of 1951 in the home of Bro. Louis W. Jones with the following men in attendance: Acie Hatchett, James Brooks, Jimmy Jerone, Louis W. Jones, Lewis Ritcherson, Sercy Ritcherson, Vernon Hicks, Wayman T. Dever (Sr.), Sam Dickey, Ewell Clement, Jake Graham, James Jackson, and Bro. Bowser. 


The second meeting was held in the home of Bro. Jack Graham and the officers were elected, including: Basileus – Acie Hatchett, Vice Basileus – James Brooks, Keeper of Records and Seal - Bro. Bowser, and Keeper of Finance – Jack Graham.  After the officers were elected, the Fraternity applied to the 9th District Representative, Dr. F. Rivers Barnwell and was awarded the Chapter Charter on March 13, 1952.  At the time of chartering, the following national officers were in office: Grand Basileus – Grant Reynolds, First-Vice Grand Basileus – John F. Potts, Second-Vice Grand Basileus – James S. Young, Grand Keeper of Records and Seal – Walter H. Reddick, Grand Keeper of Finance – J. B. Blayton, and Editor in Chief of The Oracle – Ellis F. Corbett.


The chapter operations were dissolved after 1952 when Bro. Graham moved away and took everything with him.  The chapter was later re-organized in 1955 at the home of Bro. Louis W. Jones. However, the chapter, as we know it today, did not gain real momentum until Bros. Acie Hatchett and Sercy Ritcherson revitalized the chapter operations on July 4, 1964. Some of the first active chapter members during this time were Bros. Julius Fortson, Walter A. Meeks (Sr.), Leon H. McCloney, and James J. Mayes.  The first line of the chapter after chartering included Carl Brown, William H. Peoples, and Dillard Warner.


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